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Throughout the school year, The Fountain City Slam, offers school based programming in the Muscogee County School District and surrounding areas.

The I Love Myself Project: (6th - 8th grades) is a free program that introduces the literary arts to young people as a means of not only creative expression, but creative healing. Through a variety of  literary/performance arts workshops and  yoga & meditation exercises, we aim to encourage positive behaviors, confidence,  and empowered self-care among young people. Ultimately, we hope that these young people leave the program knowing how  to identify, process and cope with difficult emotions and situations. They are also encouraged to use creative outlets to positively express themselves.

My Voice Is Necessary: (9th - 12th grades) is an after-school program that promotes the model of the artist as citizen, actively engaging students in conversations surrounding community through the lens of the arts. We encourage youth to become civically engaged artists as they are challenged to tackle current social issues, local, national, and global. Through artistic collaboration, participating youth are challenged to create works that promote critical thinking and active learning. These projects span genres and subject matter, but they are all rooted in the fundamental principles of collaboration, risk-taking, and creative expression.

Fountain City Slam Open Mic: (All Ages/Family Friendly) is a monthly open mic series for youth of all ages. On the fourth Saturday of each month during the school, young poets, spoken word artists, singers and emcees perform their original work at Fountain City Coffe (1007 Broadway)

Fountain City Poetry Slam Series: (All Ages/Family Friendly)  is a free youth poetry competition that invites performers ages 13-19 to compete for a spot on the Fountain City Teen Poetry Slam team youth team. The series gives young  poets, rappers, emcees, and spoken word artists the opportunity to perform and build community with other youth artists.

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