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"The Fountain City Poetry Slam is taking the Columbus area by storm!"

-- Nicole Jones, WLTZ First News, July 2020

Founded in 2011 in Columbus, Georgia by award-winning spoken word & teaching artist Jonathan S.E. Perkins, the Fountain City Slam, Inc. is a regional nonprofit presenter of spoken word performance, creative writing, education, and youth development programs.


The Fountain City Slam offers literary arts education programs during the school day, in the after-school hours, on weekends and evenings, while also providing numerous opportunities for youth to be published and heard. Our programs are open to youth of all backgrounds! We use creative writing and the performing arts as a means of self expression and exploration. Our curriculum fosters anti-bullying, anti-drugs, suicide prevention, crime prevention, and positive behaviors in the young people we work with.


We provide space and spirit for fellowship among  young writers across the Columbus, Georgia area.

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Contributions for the purposes of Fountain City Teen Poetry Slam are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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